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Games tagged with 'entertainment'


You too can enjoy the thrills of spewing hot lead and making swiss cheese of your opponents!


The World is a dark place and it’s your mission to guide Glwp and fill it with colour!


Two balls. Two players. Your goal: conquer more squares than your opponent, by jumping two times into them.


Smash the tile that your opponent is on to trap them from coming back that way again or bridge the gap between you and victory.


Place path tiles smartly to stay alive while eliminating your opponents!


Monopoly goes global! Build an empire with the world’s most coveted real-estate properties like Paris, Rome and Barcelona!


The funniest action-strategy game you’ll ever play! Hilarious characters and storyline mean you'll be playing with one huge grin.


tChess Pro is the high-quality, critically acclaimed chess game with the richest features for the iPad. It's perfect for every player.


Become a member of the infamous Medici family in Renaissance Italy and compete to see who can make the most money in a no-holds-barred bidding war.


Fun for everyone, Pictureka is easy and intuitive to play – and it’s pretty much a perfect match for your iPad.


Transport yourself to the ultimate Zen experience with Chinese Checkers. Immerse yourself in rich environment with beautifully stunning visuals.


Captain a ship that must journey around the globe racing to gather cargo as you compete for valuable contracts that earn you victory.