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2+ Players on 1 iPad

Become the best rider in town! Now is your chance to prove it by testing your skills in racing camels.

Zombie Party is the perfect party game, featuring four player gaming madness that is suitable for any age!

Enjoy Fold-Man - the classical drawing game! Now available for your iPad, carefully adapted for maximum gaming fun.

Whoever finger's stays there the longest is the winner. The game doesn't care what you do to make the other players lose! :)

See who among your friends is the alpha dog of numerical calculations and the mathematical deadly arts!

Check your reflex and knowledge playing Team Test HD with friends. You get points for tapping the button at the right time.

Your opportunity to test your knowledge of music, pop culture, sports, beer, and much, much more! You have 7 seconds to decide which is the right answer!

Numbl tests your simple, speedy addition skills. See how quickly you can clear the screen. You'll be surprised at how soon your skills improve!

Coin Soccer is the only soccer game played by flicking coins. Short info: soccer with an air hockey twist, yet more fun!

Take to the skies above the Great Pond and glide your bug to victory in this action packed arcade adventure!

Hell! is an exciting, fast-paced, face to face card game built exclusively for the iPad! Are you fast enough?

Collect tiles in matching groups to attack your opponents’ castles. Start launching attacks. Send out your huge army!