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2+ Players on 1 iPad

Conquer the stars! Gameplay leads to complex and interesting strategies. As easy as dragging your finger, and as challenging as you decide to make it.

The best Mahjong game has finally come to iPad! With all the single player modes from Mahjong Zen, plus two addicting multiplayer modes!

Are you chicken? Will you chicken out and settle for chicken feed?

Drag and drop pieces to grow your fungus. Surround, dismember, and consume your fungal rivals.

Build the right buildings and save your villagers from the water. How long can you keep up?

Chess is an ancient game. Now, with Modern Chess you can play with the ground troops of a modern army!

you’ve never heard of Cryptid Curling? Well, it’s a relaxing colour matching bouncing puck game of angles that’s extremely hard to put down.

Create Quads by completing squares or rectangles around the drop zone. The game get more challenging as the center drop zone grows or pieces fall faster.

Bumper cars have never been so fun... or so dangerous.

Be the last man standing by pelting the opposing team with snowballs till they drop. Dodge the snowballs, barricade yourself behind walls and fight till the very end.

Animal go-carting at its finest! Grab your friends, pick your favorite cute animal racer, and go for gold!

Connect Four with bombs! Sound simple? Think again! Sometimes, the winning strategy is to wait...