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2+ Players on 1 iPad

Witch's Brew is a four player game that is fun for all ages. Be the first to gather from the cauldron all of the ingredients for your potion.

A full-screen, multi-touch word search puzzle. Find the hidden words in the grid by simply touching and dragging on screen.

War Evolved HD places you in command as you evolve through nine unique eras and is similar to the popular online flash game “Age of War.”

Do you remember how hungry your hippos were? Well, that's nowhere near how dopey our dodos are.

Solve the quirky clues as you uncover the words on the puzzle. Guess the puzzle's theme and win the game!

Pleasant pastime, easy and intuitive, perfect for enjoying a few moments of relax. Do not underestimate...otherwise you will not stop play!!!

Fun and fast-paced music quiz game that you can play with friends or on your own. More fun you can have with your music library.

It is a simple 2-player game and who ever can tap the fastest wins.

Take the reins of a budding empire and struggle against fellow empires for control of South America.

Do you have what it takes to become a powerful lord?

Thingy Blox extends the ordinary "Same Game" puzzle to a brain teasing, strategic and fun experience for the whole family.

Enjoy a kaleidoscope of colors when you engage family and friends in the bubble-shooting flurry of Bubble Bunch for iPad!