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2+ Players on 1 iPad

Be the star of your own game show! Solve the quirky clues as you uncover the words on the puzzle.

Destroy a skywood by tapping on it, and make all your Fobbles safely land down on the grass. The first to free all of their Fobbles wins.

Word Shaker HD, the word searching game with a twist. Play solo or invite up to 3 friends online and play the same boards against each other.

Speed Classic always delivers a great game with friends and family, or single-player game! Be the first to play all of the cards!

Move all four pawns around the board clockwise from the start area to the goal area. The first player to get all of his pawns into the goal area wins.

Use your iPad as a backgammon table! Compete against your friends or the computer to get the best score!

Get airborne, flip over, climb mountains, drift and more in this realistic 3D off road racing game.

The high-quality sounds are great and the lovely high-definition graphics just amazing.

Take the 'solitary' out of solitaire with Pounce! Play against multiple virtual players, or play against your friends!

Very popular across Europe and in the United States and is also known as Halli Galli and is similar to games like SET and UNO.

Test your coordination and speed against your opponent or against the clock by flicking balls at colored bricks.

Guesstimationâ„¢ is an exciting new twist on traditional trivia games! You just have to have the closest guess!