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2+ Players on 1 iPad

Listen and react to different beat progressions as you try to survive an onslaught of spectacular retro visuals.

Remember the favorite game of your childhood? That’s right, it’s “Tic Tac Toe” we used to play at school, at home and even on the sidewalk.

With magic 3D interface and magical play roles which outfought the traditional board chess, you are in the fairyland while playing the game.

This simple yet highly addictive game will certainly become your next brain-teasing habit.

Your buddies on defense. You're the ball carrier! Cut back, avoid tacklers, run for daylight! Score a touchdown and hear the victory sound!

Place fences around patches of land to claim them. You can build one fence per turn. The player with the most squares of land wins.

Let words be your claim to fame in the WordsWorth hall of fame! Spin an unravelable web of words and spell out hours of unadulterated fun.

This elite hockey app elevates your game to the next level!

Get ready for the ultimate multiplayer battle on your iPad. Use your sling to shoot the ball in your opponent's goal, in this stylish 2-player game.

The next generation online crossword game. Have you ever wanted to blow up your opponent’s words? Or maybe steal some words? Now you can.

Battle it out in various arena's, collect power ups to create chaos and you will not need to do it all alone.

Take turns controlling the pitiful ship while your powerful opponent unleashes hordes of Bad Guys raining down the screen.