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2+ Players on 1 iPad

Hex war game meets party game - the ultimate huddle game. Turn based with a real time twist.

This classic board game just got exciting. Stun your opponents into missing a turn, place traps and jump ahead.

Challenge your friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers. Pick a skin, pick a game mode, and have a party!

If you like YAHTZEE™ Adventures, you'll definitely like multiplayer game Dice Fight Pro!

Smash the tile that your opponent is on to trap them from coming back that way again or bridge the gap between you and victory.

Play this game over a party with your friends and find who gets the bragging rights!

Got to make a decision? Then Rock Paper Scissors is just the game for you... Settle any argument with this App!

World conquest simulation inspired by the online classic Dice Wars. Simple to learn, but endlessly addictive.

Ludo HD a classic board game for iPad.

Conquist Lite transforms your iPad into the ultimate war strategy game board. Risk it all for world domination!

Be the last man standing by pelting the opposing team with snowballs till they drop!

Use as many letters as you can to build on existing words or form totally new ones. Earn points for how many letters you use and how fast you use them.